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Interesting facts

Hotel "Anna Palace"

From 1888 to today

Even before the Liberation, the Greek Dina Bebis arrived in Ruse to earn a living. He started working as a porter at the port of Ruse. Bebis had an innate entrepreneurship. Thanks to it and to his exceptional diligence, in a short time he becameone of the largest grain merchants in the city. Soon his brother Ziso settled in Ruse, with whom he startedto make banking operations.

The two brothers made a serious fortune and in 1888 commissioned the architect Valsamaki to design their home. The massive building was built the same year. The architect personally invited two artists to decorate the interior with lavish frescoes. The chandelier installed in the reception hall was also remarkable. Made abroad from cast bronze, it was enriched with a medallion with a female head, stylised flowers and birds.

Ten years later, Dina Bebis provided part of the house for the needs of the Main Enterprise of the Ruse-Gorna Oryahovitsa railway line, in which the main investors were the famous Ruse bankers and entrepreneurs Simeonov brothers. Around 1906, anti-Greek sentiment in the city forced Ziso Bebis to entrust the family values ​​and company money to the mayor Ivan Kovachev, his good acquaintance. When everything returned to normal, Kovachev refused to return the entrustment. Ziso found himself disgraced and ruined. This led him to commit suicide. Dina could not bear the heavy loss of his brother's death and sold the house before moving out of the city. 

The new owner, the Austrian Hugo Schobermann, owned modern city taxis. The market for his cars was in front of the Revenue Building. Ruse residents did not have much faith in the new vehicles and preferred to use the services of "Sharket-Arabas" for transportation by horse-drawn carriages. To prove the safety of his taxis, Schoberman took advantage of the frozen Danube River and crossed the ice with one of them to the opposite Romanian coast. The extravagant advertising won the trust of citizens. However, he failed to keep his lavish house for long. One night in 1910 he played poker with the industrialist Petko Hadji Petkov. First, Petkov lost a large sum of money. That's why his wife, who was a pretty good player, intervened in the game. Luck was on her side and Hoberman lost. The players agreed on a decisive, final hand, with very high stakes. Schoberman pledged his beautiful house and Petkov his beautiful wife. The industrialist won.

The following year, the house successively changed owners. First it housed the Italian consulate, then the Austro-Hungarian consulate, and for the longest time it was managed by the Romanian consulate. From 1925 it was used for the needs of the Historical Museum, and later by the Hunting and Fishing Society. In 2001 it was bought at auction by the owner of the company "AERI-44" Ivan Dobrev Milev. The repair and restoration works started in September of the same year.

Hotel "Anna Palace" opens its doors on April 9, 2003.

Photos from the past

Landmarks in Ruse

Don't forget to visit some of the main sights in the city of Ruse during your stay at Anna Palace Hotel!

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Sexaginta Prista Fortress
  • The Pantheon of the Revivalists
  • Regional historical museum
  • Baba Tonka House-Museum
  • Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library
  • The art gallery 
  • St. George's Church
  • And many more

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